E17 is finally gearing up for release. Seriously, we’re doing it. I’m doing it.

Among the many tasks necessary for the release, there is one which is by far the largest: bug fixing. Yes, we have bugs in the few applications that the EFL community produces.

E17 has likely broken many records with regard to software development by now, and there’s a few in particular that I’d like to mention:

  • Longest maintained application in EFL community

Usually we have an app that is developed over the course of a month or two, it gets used frequently for about the same length of time, then its author(s): quit the community; decide to rewrite it in a way that requires new libraries, leading to; never touching it again.

  • Most-changed application in the EFL community

Some of you may recall a previous look that E17 had:

The current appearance is a bit different:

There’s also a number of other themes, though at this point most of them have probably stopped working. Those that do “work” are still in our SVN (yes, we still use it)

  • Most configurable

I’ve used a lot of desktop environments and window managers in the 15 or so years I’ve been using Linux (GNU/Linux if you want to be annoying). Out of them, E17 is able to be configured in every way I can think of. From appearance to behavior, E17 has settings for it all. And if you don’t like the available visual layouts? Write your own!

  • Most open bug reports

We rarely check our trac. It’s actually pretty embarrassing. I committed a patch last week that had been literally just sitting on trac for 5 years. It was posted there by someone who had (CVS) commit access at the time and continues to have it now. We live mainly on mailing lists and IRC, and I can probably paint a house faster than our trac loads, so it’s no surprise that this happened. As a result of our infrequent visits to our bug-shooting range, however, the reports have been piling up. When I started, the E17 reports alone numbered over 300; bugs, feature requests, spam and unintelligible gibberish — all waiting for me. A month later, I can proudly say that we’re down to under 100 E17 bugs.

  • Highest developer turnover

There have been dozens of developers who have worked on this project over the years — far more than actually listed in the AUTHORS file. Out of all those people, somewhere between 10-15 are still active. Out of those, only 3-5 actively commit to E17.

So what’s actually going on now?
Mainly a lot of me grumbling at the bug reporters for leaving bad bug reports. Aside from that, there’s usually between 5 and 20 bugs being closed every day. In other parts of the community, prep is already underway for the next release of the EFL: version 1.7. In a carefully thought-out decision, this will be the FINAL release prior to the release of E17 itself. Version 1.7 for E17: we’re the most clever by far.

There’s probably been better times to try out E17 given how many things I actively break while trying to fix other things, but I can definitely assure readers that there has never been a time closer to its release than right now. Except now. And now.
So if you’ve tried E17 before and gave up because it lacked something, give it a shot again. If it’s still missing that exact feature that you need, file a bug in trac: I get paid to do nothing but fix them!
If you’ve never tried E17 and you want a highly configurable, good-looking desktop environment, try it. If you don’t like it, I’ll personally refund the cost.

rasterman quote of the day:
<raster> BOOM
<raster> badness
<raster> REJECT!

About e-releasemanager

I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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29 Responses to Initializer

  1. Jerome Pinot says:

    I keep some old screenshots too, from the 2005-2007 era:

  2. Reblogged this on Deric's Wacky World of Wonder and commented:
    Wow pretty exciting nows indeed

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  4. caop says:

    Hi all, congratulations for the new e17 release, I have a question, where can I report some problems that I found

  5. Oleg says:

    > So if you’ve tried E17 before and gave up because it lacked something, give it a shot again.
    Could you make all-in-one package for quick installation/removal?

    • Unfortunately that’s very distribution-dependent, and I just don’t have the time to maintain packages for every distribution. We seem to be covered by most of the popular ones, however, so it’s likely that when the release happens you will be able to use your package manager to install easily.

      • nicolas says:

        It could be nice to offer a big binary package (tar.gz) with all libraries included in static version, to test it quickly without all the dependencies mess.

    • genstorm says:

      Gentoo LiveDVD -> enlightenment overlay -> emerge enlightenment

      Well, a few dependencies will need unmasking. But basically, then you are at the latest e17 commit.

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  7. Yaseen Noorani says:

    Great news! and you seem to be a very funny man 🙂
    One thing I would like to see is the option to have all open windows on a workspace to be visible on the IBox module.
    E17 is light, beautiful and customizable which is why it’s my favourite desktop out there

  8. Zoffix Znet says:

    Wonderful news! I love e17 and have been using the current version for some time now (with the bugs popping up, of course). I’m so glad work is being done to make this magnificent software more complete!

  9. xoseramus says:

    i hope e start having back their fans club, i use pclinuxos and my second winmanager is e17 i love it

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  11. Xaver says:

    Wonderfull – a stable release finally! E17 is the best Desktop Environment, that I have used so far.
    There is only 1 major problem, which I have noticed.
    In windows software under wine (wine 1.3 with bodhi 1.4) the opened windows move down to the right corner, whenever I open a subwindow. Even the subwindows open a step downward each time they are opened. They even even leave the screen, so that I cannot catch them anymore.
    Anything else works fast, fine and stable. Great job, great desktop – thanks a lot.

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  14. I hope the prior e17 theme is in the list of things that still works, that new theme is too black and white for my taste

    • Zoffix Znet says:

      I’m on Bodhi Linux right now with e17, and that golden theme is still available and works fine.

      • Tafi says:

        Bodhi is probably the best place to get e17, since it’s about the only distro out there that focuses entirely on e17 and doesn’t have another build based on some other desktop environment. It’s also been the most stable… I’ve been using e17 on Bodhi for over a year and it’s very usable…. it’s *really* come a long way since I last tried making it work under Slackware.

  15. jalan says:

    “I can probably paint a house faster than our trac loads”

    I had assumed that was just me! You might get more community involvement if you made it faster. For example, I try to visit every bugtracker I’ve filed a bug on about once a month to check on any reports I’ve filed. If one took more than a few seconds to load I’d just move on.

    • We’ve looked into improving the speed, but nothing seems to help so we’ve resigned ourselves to having a bug tracker we can’t/don’t use. If anyone who knows trac wants to try fixing it, we’re always open to helpers.

      • I have to work with a massive trac install – basically I think it does not need to be slow. What works well is the latest version of trac setup in a virtualenv as a daemon behind apache reverse proxy with postgres database…

        I tried mod wsgi but it was not stable on the system I was using (it is fine if it is serviing a global install but not a virtualenv… don’t ask why) but have been liking tracd as a daemon. make sure you tweak apache to take advantage of mod cache, mod deflate and expires – these do make a difference.

        Best benchmarks I’ve seen and not too difficult to setup have been with nginx and uwsgi – but have not been able to do this in production due to loads of different systems using the same server.

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  17. katsi says:

    Can you make the whole thing play nice with systemd?? Especially the login manager.

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