Terminator 2: Bugment Day

Another super fun day of hunting and sometimes fixing bugs. Despite the sheer ecstasy that I must endure while undertaking this task, I bravely soldier onwards, defeating all bugs in my path. Except for the scary gadcon ones. Those I pretend I didn’t see.


Ticket #204: focus handling improvement for screen_send_by

Longstanding bug where, when switching the current screen with a keybind, focus would not be properly applied to the newly focused screen. I fixed this one last week, and, as a result, also should have fixed this bug, which requests the mouse pointer be moved into the newly focused window.

Ticket #1147: eeze_scanner bugs

This one was one of those untested corner cases; eeze had never needed to detect loop devices before, so I never bothered making it do so. After some tinkering to add handling for that, I added some rescan mechanisms into the eeze mount backend of EFM to refresh device info. Now we’re ignoring them like the champions that we are.

Ticket #1015: Display brightness level returns to 100% after decreasing.

A confusing bug where display brightness was being changed constantly for this user.  Since I wrote a lot of the backlight code, I was baffled: I never make mistakes. Ever. Going with this as my base premise for bug fixing, I decided to try removing randr support (the part I didn’t write) entirely, using only the udev-based backlight code. Unsurprisingly, it fixed the bug, so now we prefer this method of backlight setting over randr instead of the other way around. Here’s a screenshot of what I imagine his desktop looked like with the bug:

Ticket #78: Adding an extensible dbus API for the window manager

I’m cheating a bit here by listing this since I didn’t do any work aside from closing the bug, but I thought it was a good way to point out that E17 has some dbus capabilities: you can manage both modules and profiles for the current instance. Enabling the msgbus module, methods for manipulating desktops, desklock, and language become available.

Ticket #80: A window-specific shortcut to jump to this window would be cool

Another great case of how bad we are at using our own trac: this feature, including a working patch to implement it, applied cleanly FOUR YEARS AFTER IT WAS POSTED. The only changes that I had to make to it were changing Evas_List to Eina_List; those of you “in the know” will appreciate the difference.

Ticket #1134: Existing E theme have half functioning selector bars

This bug was also known as “Bodhi themes mysteriously stop working for a period of 72 hours”. I didn’t fix it, neither did anyone else, yet the bug is still fixed.

  1            2            3

From left to right above: SVN B&W, SVN Darkness, some Bodhi theme. Apparently the scrollbars in suspect #3 are supposed to be wider. Anyway, as stated previously, this bug is now “fixed”.


About e-releasemanager

I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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2 Responses to Terminator 2: Bugment Day

  1. thanks for checking through all tickets!

  2. Cedric BAIL says:

    Damn, four years and still applying ! I didn’t break it enough ! Back to work disco…

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