Pager Day

Ticket #141: Extend ‘pager’ module functions

E17’s desk pager, the gadget which shows all the virtual desktops and allows switching and moving windows between the desks, has been mostly unchanged for a long time. Thus, it’s no real surprise that this ticket, which requests inclusion of background wallpapers into the pager, went overlooked for so long. Feature added.

While hacking around in the pager, I discovered that the ‘show pager names’ option didn’t work as expected. LET NO BUG GO UNFIXED!

Some other behind-the-scenes updates took place on pager as well, but they weren’t important enough to list or screenshot for the purposes of this blog. Instead, here’s a link to the new EFL terminal, Terminology. It’s been in development for a whole month and has lots of neat features, like playing movies as the background.


About e-releasemanager

I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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5 Responses to Pager Day

  1. thek3nger says:

    Wow. Nice work. You are bringing new life to this project! 😀

  2. TerminusEst says:

    Great! Always loved e17 since 2002, but never used it on my work machine due to bugs and lack of tools to configure it. Now I will give it another shot!

  3. Luzipher McLeod says:

    Since I couldn’t find a possibility to comment on the Terminology page directly: superb stuff ! Easily installed on gentoo btw – there is an ebuild in the enligtenment overlay 🙂
    But more on topic: thanks for getting bugs squashed and driving E17 to a releasable state. I think E17 might end my quest for an beautiful, simple and usable desktop environment. Yay !

  4. juan says:

    Good work. Squashing bugs is really important in software development.
    PD: Terminology is very insteresting. Would be amazing if could be run ‘ala’ Quake (dropdown console).


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