Ticket #1181: E: Issues with keybinding to move windows between screens.

This was a bit of a confusing bug since it listed a number of “issues” which were n0t bugs, but intended behavior. Basically it boiled down to windows not properly moving between desktops if they were in fullscreen/maximize mode. Toggling the mode and then performing the move made things all better. As a bonus, I also found a bug in the mouse movement actions which I also managed to fix.

Ticket 1016: Composite Emodule requires to restart e17 after to unload it

An annoying bug that has existed for a number of years which was finally fixed today: unloading comp module will no longer leave window artifacts all over the screen. raster and I raced to see who could fix it first today, and, despite it being a close finish, I lost. r74054 is the magic revision which will forever be a monument to my failure.

Not a ticket, but something I decided to tackle today is the Window Remembers dialog:

Following this, I took a look at Window Locks:

eeeek! Fix! Fix!


Another fun-but-unlisted bug that I fixed today was that the mixer module would register its available actions (increase/decrease/mute volume) during module startup instead of when the actions were actually possible to use — when a gadget for the module was created.


Ticket #808: Opening the extended “Remember” dialog should respect the currently selected basic setting

I am not a wish granter. Not every ticket I look at gets solved; some are invalid, some are things we don’t want to do, and some are from crazies. This ticket was 50% valid, 50% WONTFIX. The settings dialog didn’t always display the correct settings, but in order to display the “current” settings you really need to click apply. Now we display the correct settings.


About e-releasemanager

I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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2 Responses to Dialogs

  1. Seth says:

    Great work guys!
    I’m eagerly awaiting the release of a stable enlightenment.

    P.S. does ecomorph (compiz-e17) fall under your bugfixing umbrella?

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