After yesterday’s dialog rewrites, I decided to continue doing UI improvements.

First up was the fileselector widget: by working on the efm typebuf mechanism, it became worth using, and so a problem was exposed: when using the efm widget, the typebuf is clipped to the widget. This creates a problem when typing long paths in fileselector, since they will be clipped by the scrollframe and become unreadable. Plus it looks funny. To fix this, I added a method of setting an external clipper for the typebuf overlay, and now it expands a bit more:

Following this, I kicked the Window Properties window around a bit:

One feature that’s been requested persistently is the ability to take window shots instead of full screen shots. Today is a lucky day for the proponents of this feature:

Also available as a binding action.

Ticket 1181: E: Issues with keybinding to move windows between screens.

Sometimes tickets turn into zombie tickets and you have to hit them with a shovel a few times to get them to go away. This was one of those cases. Zombie down!

Ticket #1187: if physics module is enabled every new app launched makes “e” restart

The first bug report for the physics module. As a result of having deleted some object callbacks, windows weren’t properly being un-tracked which caused a crash on opening new ones. Trivial and fixed.


About e-releasemanager

I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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4 Responses to Borders

  1. abcd says:

    It’s really nice to see E17 going forward!

    IMHO, if you want E17 to be bug-free, you *need* to make a lot of people test/use it. And, again IMHO, today what really prevents people from testing/trying E17 is the fact that none of the big distros has good E17 package maintainers. E17 support on current big distros is too bad!

    Please tell your employer to hire someone to keep maintaining E17 packages in some big distro! And it should be upstream, not on a separate repository. Debian or Fedora would be good alternatives (Debian mainly because then Ubuntu guys would be able to use the packages). I also believe that if you employ someone for this task, you can make this same person maintain E17 packages on *all* the relevant distros.

  2. Noorul says:

    The theme looks interesting. Which theme is that?

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