More Features

One change I forgot to mention from yesterday is new EFM globbing support in the typebuf:

When combined with the new typebuf navigation, this makes EFM a very powerful tool that allows extremely quick navigation through the filesystem. In related news, I fixed up typebuf navigation to work even better and removed a case where an infinite loop of loading the current directory was possible.

I finally dug out the rest of the e_icon_object_set() references today; this function, while harmless if used properly, was never used properly. The point of it was to inject an evas image object into an e_icon, but it was constantly abused by trying to put e_icons into other e_icons and other such nonsense. Now it prints an angry error if someone tries to do this, and nothing in the codebase tries to do it any more.

EFM with toolbar disabled has been broken for quite some time:

This was caused by sizing only occurring if the toolbar was in existence. Not a great choice by whoever did it, but it’s now fixed:

While I was rooting around in fwin, I also made some changes to ensure that toggling settings in the fileman settings panel would take effect in currently running EFM windows. Now when you disable toolbars, they actually go away!

Ticket #663: Single click setting for efm is not respected in “Import” dialogs

They say a picture is worth X + 1 words, so here it is:

Ticket #201: Close the gap between ‘eesh’ and ‘enlightenment_remote’

Now for something completely different. Way back in the early E17 days, there was a cmdline tool which allowed you to do pretty much anything to an instance of the window manager. Times have changed, and this functionality was lost.  But fear not, your trusty featuremonger is here!


One feature I’ve missed in E for a long time is the ability to ctrl+a for select-all on the desklock screen. Something like this:


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