Enlightenment Hero of the Week: demarchi (Lucas De Marchi)

I forgot to write one of these last week because I got distracted by not writing one. This week’s EHW, as a result of his recent work, is Lucas De Marchi.

Some readers may have noticed that over the years, our connman support has been less than exceptional due to their API breaks along the road to 1.0 and our own lack of manpower. There have been a lot of people complaining, and a number of developers have said that they would update the module or add better support. Neither of these things happened, and so the complaining continued, growing ever louder.


Enter Mr. De Marchi. A long-time developer with EFL, he has worked extensively on a number of core components, including e_dbus. Filled with an unquenchable rage at this complaining^Wlack of support, he has decided to work on a new GUI for connman, titled “econnman”. The following is an excerpt from a talk I had with this paragon of developers today:

so.. here are the few sentences you want
econnman module will now depend only on e_dbus and not on e_dbus/connman anymore
connman had a stable 1.0 release some months ago and then the API should not break anytime soon
splitting it in a lib is just much more work/trouble than we want
so, for now what we have is much more simplified module for connection management
you will be able to list networks, connect, disconnect, listen for changes
for more advanced work (like setting up a proxy, vpn, static ip, etc) we will only exec a binary
it’s a one-time exec… once it’s done for the first time, you don’t have to do that anymore – we rely on connman saving the configuration
what’s done right now:
1. setting up the list of services and watching for changes
2. state changes are propagated to ui
there are very few lines of code to put the rest up… the main part that is missing is a proper UI to list the services and allow user to connect to them


He went on to talk about a number of things including speculation the international EFL superman and EHW-hopeful, Bruno Dilly, might join him to help with designing and creating the GUI. One can only imagine the possibilities and functionalities that the combination would come up with if this comes to pass.


Regardless of whether the incredibly smart and good-looking Mr. Dilly decides to lend a hand to this project, it’s clear that Lucas has done some great work already, and that users can look forward to seeing this enhanced functionality in the very near future. Further updates, and screenshots, will follow as progress is made.


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I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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3 Responses to Enlightenment Hero of the Week: demarchi (Lucas De Marchi)

  1. bdilly says:

    Mike, lol

    Funny post =D

    Superman, well… maybe you could be correct about that, you know?
    But “good-looking”?! I don’t think so… hmm… my mom and wife agree, and they’re are wise women… oh! Maybe you are right about that too!

    Now, seriously, you’re doing a great job as release manager. Congrats! I couldn’t think a better person for this role.

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