Wrenches & Hammers

Ticket #1277: focus/raise

A trivial bug where the dbus focus method was not raising windows when the relevant config option was set.

Ticket #1057: keybinds and vmware

Sometimes you use a wrench to fix a bug; other times you use a hammer. This was definitely hammer time. VMWare does something stupid when its player grabs the keyboard; I don’t know exactly what, because I’m not masochistic enough to get too far into the problem. The result, however, is that on some setups, the keyboard would stop functioning after leaving the VM window. Closing vmplayer and restarting E would fix it. Sooooo I added  a check for the vmplayer window class and disabled remap handling whenever one is detected. Terrible, but at least keyboards will work again.

A while ago (and I do mean a while) I got a testing patch from Sebastian Dransfeld, one of the original E heroes, with some improvements to battery module udev calculations. It languished in my inbox for a month, then was sent to idle in my Downloads directory after I remembered it. I kept delaying the commit because I lack hardware to do any testing. It’s an important patch, however, as it removes a poller. So, considering that I still lack the required hardware, I did what any self-respecting EFL developer would do: I committed it. Always easier to fix bugs reported on trac than to debug on hardware I don’t have, says I.

A never-asked-for feature that there hasn’t been any demand for is desktop navigation. What do I mean? I think a picture here will be the best way to describe it:

This mode, if enabled, allows you to navigate your filesystem directly from your desktop — without opening any new windows. Simply type the path or use the right click menu to set your destination, and away you go! To return back to the desktop, right click -> Files -> Desktop. I am looking for ideas to make returning to the desktop more intuitive, so if you’ve got something (other than adding a separate menu item), post away!


Lastly, I spent some time today cleaning up the right click menus for EFM. The result:



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I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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6 Responses to Wrenches & Hammers

  1. Tanki says:

    Hi !
    your work is truly amazing, i’ve been using E17 for some years now, and I am the person who asked for “resize on double click for efm”
    I’ve been using ROX-Filer alongside E17 for quite some time and the keyboard shortcuts that are editable, any chance of having this implemented in the future ?
    keep going 🙂

    BTW, i noticed a curious thing, if i click an element in the side panel, and if i go to another directory via the favorite button, the side panel item is still selected even though i’m in another directory

    last but not least, any chance of having configurable titlebar actions like the ones we use to have during enlightenment_remote era ?

    feel free to contact me via email for further details

  2. ppurka says:

    If you can restrict the desktop navigation area to a smaller area, then you will have replicated one instance of folder view of kde4 plasma (that’s still a bit different).

    One option for going back to the default Desktop view might be to dedicate the left top area to 2 buttons that pop up only when the user activates the navigation – One DESKTOP and one BACK. It doesn’t have to be flush with the rest of the icons. The rest of the icons can start a bit lower and bit more right of these two dedicated icons.

  3. Wido says:

    I like PPurka’s Idea. I was going to suggest that, when going in this mode, one of the icons always defaults to home, with a different icon bacground (like it’s a button). That way, desktop would become another icon in the list, but with an special mean. Going back would be possible as well. And you could even allow the user to choose if and what default icons to display in this mode (like a favourite dir)

  4. jxn says:

    It looks like I might be the first one to inadvertently test that battery indicator polling change. I just lost power to my laptop, seconds after seeing the indicator report “99%”. Oops! I should have guessed something was up when my screen dimmed a couple minutes earlier automatically. Luckily my work was in a known state.

    However, something’s wonky. Now, I see it’s reporting my previously dead battery as 4% after minutes. It looks like I have to restart e in order to get it to poll again and report the proper battery level.

  5. I’m afraid this is still a problem. I created a ticket in trac: http://trac.enlightenment.org/e/ticket/1304 . After updating svn entirely (all libs), restarting, the problem still exists on all three of my e17 installations on laptops. Let me know if I can provide any helpful info/testing.

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