Menu Madness

Ticket #1316: systray fills horizontally on vertical shelf

An annoying ticket only because the problem existed at all. Someone failed to copy and paste some programs correctly in edc when the style was created, so systray failed to work with some styles.

Ticket #1287: Image box Slider works bad

One of the more resilient bugs, though at this point it’s completely unrelated and I should probably deploy the spankies machine upon both the reporter, for not opening a new bug, and myself, for responding. Regardless, this was definitely worth tracking down since it uncovered a pretty big leak with gadget menus.

I implemented another reader suggestion today as well: syscon gadget mode selection. Accessible through the right click menu on the gadget, it allows the user to select whether to display a menu or the syscon when the gadget is clicked:


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I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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2 Responses to Menu Madness

  1. Francesco says:

    Ticket #1287 was my fault 🙂
    It was opened as I was present on my system but finally I understood my ‘old’ profile setting caused that, sorry for make you spend time on that … but nice to see at the end gave some results on other side …
    At the end I was also guilty to reopen it but “involuntary” as I was sure to post info about another bug … sorry again. For this last error I have to complain the Ticket system because I does’n provide direct link to the signalization in the mail it sends … this is why I wrongly reopen it.

    I hope my little contribute is appreciate … just trying to help “in some way” “P

  2. GArik says:

    As for yesterday, the most important commit is r75219. It made e17 usable again for me 🙂

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