Bugs Bugs Bugs

Ticket #1397: SIGSEGV borders

NULL checks are important.

Ticket #1372: Multiscreen: Desktop gadgets misplacing

An unusual case where monitors being plugged in were immediately marked as the primary display which was not properly handled by gadman. Now we completely reset the whole thing when a new zone is added on the left or top.

Ticket #1362: Multiscreen: Autohide shelf of main screen is visible on second screen

This was definitely one of the funnier bugs I’ve seen recently. Autohiding on shelves with multiple monitors causes the shelf to move onto the next screen instead of disappearing. This is now fixed for shelves set to “Below Everything”, but it’s impossible for the rest so now we throw an error dialog informing the user how to fix it.

Ticket #1028: config gui for edje signal bindings

A long-awaited feature, it is now possible to edit edje bindings without manually editing the eet config.

Ticket #1357: after wizard finishes the shelf doesn’t show the mixer gadget

An odd bug that was actually part of a larger bug: mixer gadgets using pulseaudio would always fail to load when loaded immediately after module init due to the slight latency in connecting to the pulseaudio server.


In other news, E17 has a release date. I’m not going to spoil the fun by revealing it now, but it is less than 6 months away. Yes, I’m serious.


About e-releasemanager

I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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5 Responses to Bugs Bugs Bugs

  1. Tanki says:

    I’m so glad signal bindings settings is finally here, it’s been a long time i’ve been waiting for it
    thanx alot
    just a question though, why does it rely upon”screen border shortcut” module activation ?
    it took me hours to find it
    anyway, this is still great !

  2. It shares a tremendous amount of code with the edge bindings, so I figured it made sense to keep them together.

  3. Adam Pyschny says:

    I know! I know! It’ll be your christmas present for us 😀

  4. J-T says:

    Release date? Did he say “release date”? When will we hear more?

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