Enlightenment Heroes of the Week: bdilly (Bruno Dilly) and demarchi (Lucas De Marchi)

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve done one of these, but everybody’s favorite feature of the blog is back: the Enlightenment Hero of the Week (EHotW) award! This week we have an unprecedented TWO winners, the incredibly handsome EFL rockstar, Bruno Dilly, and now the only man to ever win two EHotW feature articles*, the man, the myth, the returning champion, Lucas De Marchi!

Not satisfied with taking home a record number of EHotW awards for the week, as well as achieving the first Honorable Mention award recipient (Luis Felipe Strano Moraes) for extraordinary work with EWK (any work there is extraordinary; if you’ve seen it, you understand), ProFUSION has also contributed artwork from their lead artist, Marina Proni, to the project that I am about to mention. She is the designer of quite a bit of other artwork all over the EFL, as well as images for the excellent, but incomplete, Efenniht theme below:

ProFUSION, and Marina especially, are surely unsung heroes of the EFL community. So before I proceed further, a heartfelt thanks to them and their work bettering the EFL. Thanks!

Moving on! Long-time readers of this blog will remember that a number of years ago, back in the stone age, I wrote an article about Mr. De Marchi which praised him for his tireless work updating the connman support (which I will do again in a moment), and speculated on the possibility that Mr. Dilly, part-time caber toss enthusiast and full-time badass, might join this Herculean effort. I think it’s obvious that this speculation was spot on, so I’ll run the screenshots which they have so graciously provided me with:

Now I could ramble on and on about what the screenshots are showing, but I think readers of this blog are competent enough to understand; instead I’ll ramble on and on about the features that are still in the works. As seen in the module’s TODO:

– Module icon
– Show ‘connecting’ animation
– Show strength when available

– Treat ReportError() calls from ConnMan. When a connection fail,
ReportError() indicates the reason so we can decide if we should
show a message to user asking the password again

– Streamline the Cancel() and Release() callbacks because they are very

– Destroy popup when we are going to ask for user input

– When we request user input, give focus to the first ‘Mandatory’
entry field

– Search for entries with the same type when we receive an
‘Informational’ field so we can use it in an useful manner

– Add “config” button in popup that will call the external binary for
advanced configuration

– Add configuration entry to set the external binary – econnman-bin is
the default

And, given how thorough EHotW award winners are, I’m sure this is only a tenth of the actual TODO — most likely they shortened it so as not to overwhelm lesser developers with its size and scope.

What will these two titans of industry do next? Sources claim that Mr. De Marchi has stated in no uncertain terms that he plans to “crack open a cold one and relax”, while Mr. Dilly is apparently scheduled to skydive at a charity event in support of an orphanage for blind children over the weekend. Only time will tell when these brave men will next appear on this blog, but I suspect it will be sooner than later.

Ticket #1454: efm(?): Enlightenment freezes if Navigate > Root submenu is (ab)used

I added an extra unref when I was going through and fixing submenu leaks, removing it solves the problem.

Ticket #1449: EFM “open terminal here” always opens the terminal on desktop 1

Fixed. Also this works with gnome-terminal now, though I would never suggest or recommend that anyone use it.

Ticket #1450: Launching a shell script from EFM fails to start application

A somewhat annoying ticket to track down due to all the various hoops that are jumped through when we launch things.

Ticket #1157: Screenshot wrong screen id when in xinerama mode

Probably only ever seen by one person, this occurred when xinerama was set on monitors with a vertical layout (one above another).

*Disclaimer: for any week that the blog does not have an EHotW article, I win by default.

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8 Responses to Enlightenment Heroes of the Week: bdilly (Bruno Dilly) and demarchi (Lucas De Marchi)

  1. Eduardo Lima says:

    ROTFLMAO for Mr. Dilly Caber tosser and Skydiver in a charity event for orphan blind children

  2. Does the connman module support peap encryption?

  3. dank says:

    wow, i thought the default E17 theme looked good, but I’m LOVING the dark Efenniht theme… thanks for highlighting this!

  4. evadim says:

    I wait this for a long time…. Thanks! But after I update my EFL+E17 – econnman crash at start 😦

  5. hey guys, just did 2 enhancements to that:
    – fixed python-evas so it copes with the new EVAS_CALLBAC_IMAGE_RESIZE added today (or yesterday). Evadim’s problem should not happen anymore.
    – Configure/Settings from module will call EConnMan application (the elementary/python one)

  6. demarchi says:

    Michael, thank you for 2 EHotW 🙂

    If you use oFono you could connect to 3G as well: http://people.profusion.mobi/~lucas/screenshot-connman/shot-2012-09-06_13-00-36.jpg

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