The Rain In Spain…

So today I’m officially announcing good news: my proposal for a presentation at LinuxCon Europe in November was accepted! I will be giving a 50 minute presentation on the history of E17 and the road to its eventual release, culminating with the announcement of the 100% real E17 release date. A number of other E developers will be in attendence, and there is a special EFL developer day during the conference where I anticipate we will all sit around making fun of systray — or something equally worthwhile.

For those of you wondering, this event is held in Barcelona, Spain, and NOT Prague (as some people seem to think).


Ticket #1304: Battery indicator not updating until e is restarted

Probably caused by a testing patch I added in a month or two ago so I reverted that. It was a good patch, but I don’t have enough time to spend debugging something that already works.


I spent some more time today on usability. The Gadget config dialog was first, since I wanted to integrate my recent improvements to the gadget config dialogs:

And the other half of the view that I showed off yesterday:

Additionally, it’s now possible to change the orientation of a shelf from the contextual menu:

Finally, and I can’t really show this with a screenshot, adding a new shelf will pop up the shelf contents dialog directly after the shelf naming dialog.


About e-releasemanager

I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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11 Responses to The Rain In Spain…

  1. ppurka says:

    That orientation “menu” should be just a square imitating the dialog window. But I guess it would be extremely hard to have that as a menu. 😦
    Wonderful improvements, nonetheless. 🙂

  2. mike russo says:

    I have no idea when the release is happening, but I’m guessing you chose 12/21/12 so that if, indeed, the world does end, at least E17 will be released before then. 🙂

    • mike russo says:

      Oh, and, of course, you’re doing a great job, I use E17 every day as my desktop and it so much better and more PRODUCTIVE than anything else out there!

  3. GArik says:

    I’ve tried to use vertical shelf with efenniht, but it looks bad, especially pager. Maybe it’s because vertical shelves are not that common.

  4. Yo, I like the orientation thing.
    Great job! Gooooo zmike!

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  6. Sanjeev says:

    Is it not, “The Rain in The Spain .. is mainly on the plains… :)”

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