Warning: Contents Under Pressure

Ticket #1472: efm: sidebar popup allows for creation of new directory – which is broken

Small oversight when I added the sidebar, now rectified.

Ticket #1471: efm: preview on mouse over caused blocking popup on permission denied error
Pesky permissions, who needs them? Apparently some users, so now we check for read access before displaying a tooltip.

Ticket #1469: e17 Edge Binding

A bit of a weird bug; edge bindings were activating continuously, causing the desktop to continue warping. Now we wait until the current timer has expired before creating a new one, but the real fix is for users to increase the delay on their bindings so they have more time to get away from the edge of the desktop.

Ticket #1269: efm, copy file then paste in same directory

After being hassled about this for months, I finally figured out a (moderately) simple way to do it which doesn’t involve rewriting the entire file move subsystem.

Ticket #93: You cannot copy a link to another device

This one was tough. Linking and devices is usually a lose-lose scenario, since most operations of this type are not allowed, but my work on #1269 inspired me. To work around the device-symlink issues, and perhaps offer a useful feature, I added a button to the error dialog which allows the user to move the source of the link to the device instead of the link itself.


Today, as with all days, was also a new feature day, and so I give to you, THE NEW FILE MENU ITEM! Behold its quiet splendor:

No, I don’t know why the document-new icon is a star.


About e-releasemanager

I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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4 Responses to Warning: Contents Under Pressure

  1. It’s a star because AFAIR it’s not an icon, it’s a “badge” (overlay to an actual icon)

  2. fra says:

    efm need some more work to became a good files system:
    1. drag and drop from gtk/qt app ( ex. file-roller/ark ) !
    2. maybe tab ?
    3. every cool feature that only e17 team can create 🙂

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