Thursday Things

Ticket #1539: keyboard module activity stops autohiding shelf

Some chucklehead decided not to unlock the owner gadcon when the keyboard gadget’s menu was closed.

Ticket #1534: Keyboard Settings should have default configuration

Without a default config, changing mapping options will fail since there’s no config to apply them to. Now we add a generic config if the module is loaded without any config data.

Ticket #1540: Mouse warp for new windows

Pretty sure it’s fixed. Preeeetty sure.

Ticket #1519: Focus remains on old window when changing to an empty desktop

Caused by a check to see if the unfocused border was on the “current” desk, which would always fail if there was no currently focused border on a newly-switched-to desk.

Ticket #718: A Request – Not A Bug – Resizable iBox For Desktop

A bit of a PITA, but done. When the related option is enabled and the gadget is on the desktop, it will expand and contract as you add/remove items.


Improvements Today:

  • E17 load should be slightly faster when using shelves (if you have new shelf display problems, it’s probably caused by this)
  • Fullscreen compositing
  • Continued work on new RandR dialog:

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I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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