What Is This I Don’t Even

Ticket #1570: Default theme issues on pager

I don’t actually know what the problem was here, but the proposed changes seemed pretty reasonable.

Ticket #1237: “Select Icon” panel doens’t show current path

Ticket #1592: clock calendar is useless

Clock popups are now much more selective about when they hide.


Other Improvements Today:

  • Filepreviews in fileselectors no longer become corrupted when switching between text files and directories
  • Filepreviews now properly preview .desktop files which point to directories
  • EFM now has an option for secure deletion
  • Mixer module no longer produces magic failures

Also, I’ve begun an exploratory committee to gather feedback from developers/users about things that might be interesting to include in my presentation at LinuxCon.


About e-releasemanager

I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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