Friday Of Doom

It’s Friday, and I’m off for the day; the following tumblr entry is extra relevant:

Anyway, I promised a number of things yesterday, and I intend to deliver on as many of them as possible.

The transportation to Spain was, how shall I say, not the greatest I have ever had. My team from Samsung UK flew on Iberia airlines. I will leave out the gritty details of the flights, but they managed to lose all of our luggage (though they did find it, eventually) and I would not recommend flying with them. Upon arriving, we stayed in the Ayre Grand Via hotel. The service there was exemplary, the rooms nice, and the breakfast buffet quite delicious; definitely a place I would stay if I return to Barcelona. With these plugs out of the way, onward to the events!

First up, some info on the EFL Dev Day. This was a great event, and I think everyone who attended had a great time. I’ll do my best to post some photos of the event next week, but for now I’ll give some highlights, gaps to be filled in next week with photos (I hope):

  • Presentation from Carsten Haitzler (raster) regarding future directions of EFL+E17
  • Some info about ESVG and the Enesim toolkit
  • Status updates on EFL/E Wayland work
  • 2012 b0rker awards (Winners: raster, k-s, tasn, devilhorns, vtorri, cedric)
  • Extremely cool demos and talks about Calaos
  • Introduction and status updates to EasyUI
  • Discussions for the Enna project+community
  • Panel of trolls

Next, LinuxCon. This was a very well-organized event in a great location. The hotel had lots of large rooms which were comfortable for both presenting and attending various talks, and they had plenty of refreshments set up all over — something I am particularly in favor of.

Considering the scope of LinuxCon/ELCE and the number of presentations held, I’m going to cut it down to what I thought was the best presentation I attended,  Taking the Fear Out of Contributing: Open Source Mentoring by Stephen Hemminger from Vyatta. This talk discussed a number of issues which come up in OSS projects, notably ones which impede the growth of projects and prevent potential new members from effectively joining; he made specific mention of solutions for improving workflows, changing the process by which new members are eased into a community, and creating clear guidelines about policies. I’m not sure whether anyone recorded the talk, but I was inspired by his presenting charisma as well as the conviction by which he held to his points. If you happen to stumble across this post, Mr. Hemminger, job well done with the talk. If you are not him and have the chance to see one of his presentations, I highly recommend it.

As an aside, I should also make note that the event photographer, Ivan Maly, seems to be very astute with regard to his ability to choose suitable targets for his pictures. Suffice to say, I am present in quite a number of the event photos. More on this situation as it develops.

As promised, my presentation slides are available here in their original ODP format. You can use them to follow along in the surprise recording done by Javier Pastor, CTO of Total Publishing Network in Spain. The Linux Foundation had told me that there would be no recordings done of any presentations other than keynotes, but Javier brought a camera and decided to do it himself. He missed the first couple minutes since I started a bit early, and, funnily enough, the battery ran out exactly as I announced the release date of E17 (coincidence, I swear), but the quality is great and I can’t thank him enough for doing the recording. The video of my talk can be found here in the article he posted:

For those of you who don’t feel like watching my amazing presentation, the most important talk given this year which included the results of the 2012 E-Devel CFB, I pity you. So much that I’m even posting the final slide in my presentation here to serve as an official announcement of the release date of E17.

Before that, however, I need to apologize for something. In yesterday’s post, I promised another alpha release of E17. Unfortunately, due to a couple recent snafus, any release done today would not be substantially different from the first alpha on Monday. Also it might beat you up and steal your lunch money. For this reason, there will be no new release today. Sorry.

If you’re reading this instead of just scrolling down the page to see the release date of E17, I’m impressed. You are obviously quite disciplined.

It’s pretty rare to see people these days who can read this much text.

Okay, I’m done fooling around. The release date of E17, barring any huge issues, shall be the date predicted many centuries ago by the Mayans:

Brace yourselves, it’s coming.


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I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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23 Responses to Friday Of Doom

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  2. basyt says:

    nice… looking forward to this 🙂

  3. mike russo says:

    I KNEW IT! I left a comment months ago predicting this. However, I couldn’t be happier! I pity everyone complaining about GNOME, Unity, KDE, whatever… Enlightenment is the fastest and most productive desktop environment out there.

  4. Yaseen Noorani says:

    Any chance of sharing links to the themes shown in the LinuxCon video?

  5. Seth says:

    the enlightenment logo doesnt show up on the image in FF10 is cut off, also I need to install debian hurd, wine, e17 and play duke nukem forever on December 21st. Congratulations guys, you’ve done an amazing job!

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  8. Thanks for the mention 🙂 It was great to be at your talk, and it’s funny but it’s the only talk I recorded on video… and that’s not a coincidence. I recorded also interviews to Mark Shuttleworth and David Engberg (CTO, Evernote), and I’ll publish them on MuyLinux next week, but the talk was fantastic, congrats for that. The video is a little dark, but the lightning was not that great inside the talk locations.

  9. Super awesome!!!!
    Very great job. I hope to watch EFL dev day recordings.

  10. Rocker says:

    I installed the new e17 on ROSA Linux, and I must say, the new theme is class and so is e17. Great work.

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  12. Sabian says:

    I read until the end!! Hilarious!!

    Great talk and huge news! Keep it up!!!

  13. Saray says:

    Algunos post me gustaron bastante mas… .

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