Gettext Is A ____

Ticket #1717: Show last desktop support.

A super trivial new feature, so in it goes.

Ticket #1757: Fix build on solaris #5 (e17)

I’m sure that someone, somewhere, will thank me.

Ticket #1714: efm preview popup does ignores shaped/argb setting

Another one-liner.

Ticket #1742: E17 Mixer module [Pulse Audio]

No longer do we try to reconnect immediately on disconnect. We are gentlemen with releases pending, so we just periodically try to reconnect.

Ticket #1722: e17 alpha fails on missing XCB_ATOM_NONE

Dear OpenSUSE,

Please use package versions from sometime in the past century.




Thanks devilhorns for fixing this.

Ticket #1760: screen blanks immediately when mouse not moving

This was caused by a few separate issues, the main one being that the “minimum” enforced value for suspending the monitor was zero seconds; somehow this went unnoticed until now, and the next ticket caused it to become a serious issue.

Ticket #1765: DPMS instant blanking in e17

All aboard the failboat!

This was a seriously bad bug which has been around for quite some time and affects anyone who has ever opened the backlight config panel. Fortunately, it’s now fixed and anyone previously affected will have their config unbroken upon updating.


In other news, distcheck was broken sometime in the past week, so I’m deferring the next alpha release until tomorrow when it will hopefully have been fixed.


About e-releasemanager

I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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2 Responses to Gettext Is A ____

  1. Rocker says:

    Has anyone experienced a bug with e17 that sometimes applications hang and becomes unresponsive? I’m having this bug with multiple apps. Rhythmbox if I keep it open, after a while it whites out and hangs. With Kopete also, when closing it, it whites out and is unresponsive. Apps work fine when another DE is loaded. I want to know if I’m the only one having this problem or is it a known bug.

  2. vatsers says:

    SLES != openSUSE
    SLES is not intended for graphical usage.

    I had actually come across the screen blanking issue but forgot and never reported it. Sorry.

    Great speech btw, and great end-of-speech timing 🙂

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