Enlightenment Hero(es) of the Week(s) 2/3: Jérémy Zurcher

Making his first appearance to the glorious EHotW awards, Mr. Zurcher is a relative newcomer to the EFL who has submitted a number of interesting patches. I’ll admit that I don’t know much about him aside from his continuing Frenchiness and interesting patches, but given our strong French community support and b0rker team members I think that’s enough.

A number of weeks ago, a certain unnamed developer whose name starts with “g” and ends with “lima” committed some changes to Eina in trunk which ended up breaking config loading in E17. While nearly everyone, including a certain shameless Brazillian b0rker whose staggering Chavez-ness I shall not begin to mention, was blaming me for the deletion of their configs, Mr. Zurcher had already discovered and submitted a fix for the bug. For saving the day and rescuing me from a deluge of angry users and developers alike, Mr. Zurcher definitely deserves the accolades and recognition that this EHotW award confers.

Currently, Mr. Zurcher has been working on some methods to speed up stringshare. While not quite ready for mainline yet, his patches and benchmarks show promise, and I look forward to continuing improvements from this French fixer.



Ticket #1917: Dragging file from EFM onto text editor makes it disappear (not from disk)

It’s hard to track DND events which don’t occur, so now we just show icons again on a short timer.

Ticket #1929: Right click on directory navigate behavior.

Slight improvements here, now the “Current Directory” item is first and shows directory contents when clicking an icon.

Ticket #1884: shelf does not always autohide

Apparently some toolkits, which shall remain nameless despite being the two most popular toolkits for Linux which start with ‘g’ and ‘q’, respectively, block mouse movement reporting. Well done guys. Way to be team players.

Ticket #1935: E17 resize Border with fixed ratio [mplayer]

Tricky bug since I never even knew this existed. This probably affected resizing of all windows with an aspect ratio set, so I guess there will be others who will notice.


Other Improvements Today:

  • evdev keyboard model is now listed in xkb settings
  • Theme dialog no longer throws a useless error message when e/desktop/background group is missing
  • Pointer slide now once again sets focus
  • Various config dialogs are once again resizable; all config dialogs have been size tested
  • Shelf autohiding with multiple monitors has been improved
  • Dark theme is no longer broken with regard to dragging windows on the pager
  • Dark theme pager also no longer broken on desktop

About e-releasemanager

I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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1 Response to Enlightenment Hero(es) of the Week(s) 2/3: Jérémy Zurcher

  1. Lionel says:

    First of all, Jérémy is the creator and maintainer of the Ruby EFL bindings (https://github.com/jeremyz/ffi-efl), and deserves much credits for them as well.

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