The End Is Near

Sooo I wrote up part of this on Friday and then forgot to post it. Whoops. Double post today! Then again, since I spent the entire day working on a single issue it’s not actually any longer than usual.


Ticket #1975: Yet another DND bug.

Fileman used to refresh the current directory when ending a DND operation; this was a workaround for a bug (which is now fixed) where icons would sometimes fail to reappear after the drag. Now we just let the file monitors handle the updating.

Ticket #1994: “Slider pointer to a new focused window” broken with keybinding.

Focus setting on windows is one of the most confusing things in all of E17. Pointer warping is slightly more confusing.

Ticket #1985: Add confirmation to the Screenshot share option.

There are no words to describe how dumb I think this is.

Ticket #2000: CD drive navigate broken.

I guess over the years nobody noticed that you couldn’t drag files onto the icon of a removable device regardless of its mount state. Such as it was, today I discovered that this was a project which would take me 6 hours to safely implement. Fuck DND.




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I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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8 Responses to The End Is Near

  1. the abusive bug reporter says:

    Reliable DND is something that a modern desktop SHOULD HAVE. Deal with it.

    AS for the share confirmation imagine hitting share on a random app on a naughty picture of you and your GF/BF/Dog/Whatever and getting a message “This picture was uploaded on _public website_” Fun stuff. ;P

    JOking apart even thought i am not fond of this share “feature” i could see it as nice to have in the case you could share -by using a library- screenshots/pics/videos/etc on fakebook, twatter or wherever the user wants. So this needs a wider implementation.

    There are still things that need to be polished until release so be ready for a lot of work in the next 4 days.

    • Reliable DND is good, yes. But people willfully overlooking huge gaps in E’s DND implementation for literally YEARS is something that’s pretty frustrating. I say willfully overlooking because this functionality was surely impossible for the original DND authors to have missed.

  2. the abusive bug reporter says:

    The weird thing is that many devs claim to use E17 daily -and ia am sure they do- and yet noone noticed a ton of missing functionality. I must have reported over 30 bugs and missing features since it went into alpha and started using it. I guess the average user uses his computer differently but still its been 12 years of development and expectations are really high.

    Anyway i hope the release will mean more devs coming in and implementing stuff that are missing.

    • I’ve used E17 daily as my desktop for almost 10 years now. My workflow and usage is such that I never interact with the file manager (I’ve literally never loaded it at home except for when I’m working on it), and most other functionality is disabled as well. I’m probably a more extreme case, but I suspect that most other active E17 developers, all 2-3 of them, have similar situations where they never deviate from their established usage.

      Also, I suspect (know) that post-release will see lots of things broken and few, if any, new developers working on it. Nobody wants to work on a window manager or desktop environment. IMO this is proven in more case than one as developers flee GNOME and KDE in addition to not working on E.

      • the abusive bug reporter says:

        Thats why i usualy say that coders should not even come close to things that are related to UI/UX. 😛
        For my part i ‘ll be abusing the bug tracker with all the irks i have until E is complete ;P. Wish my coding skill were beyond “hello world” so i could do some actual stuff and implement some ideas. Anyway bug tracking, testing and reporting i can do.

        If its possible and there are no technical issues please try to implement things that you marked for e18 and are not big.

  3. 3 years ago I knew nothing about coding. 2 years ago I had commit access and had already written a library which is now core EFL. Anyone can code if they want to.

    And for the last time, nothing tagged for E18 is “not big”. That’s why they’re going in E18.

    • Easy is relative. Sure, it’d take a short amount of time to implement, but feature freezes exist for a reason: they prevent the addition of bugs. EFM has more than enough bugs, don’t need more coming from adding something like this now.

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