While (Echievements++) Productivity–;

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s Release Day! Today’s release is OMEGA 12, also known as the E17 release candidate. It contains a number of bug fixes, and I highly recommend it.


In addition, I have a special treat for all the readers out there. For the first time ever, an external module for E17 has been released! Yes, friends, it’s true. Today marks the first release (v1) of Echievements: achievements for E17. That’s right, it’s something completely useless aside from testing the recently released Etrophy library. It does track and notify you of your achievements in real-time, however, which I think is pretty neat.

Download it here.



Ticket #2003: E_Config bug [invalid profile creation – user]

Sometimes, using a GUI is too difficult. In these cases, you either know what you’re doing or you get the abort().

Ticket #2009: everything stays unclosable

Possibly the most infuriating bug ever filed.

Ticket #2014: refresh button in efm does not function

Now it does.

Ticket #2013: Spanish translation

Those of you who lean en Español will see that their main menus are substantially less gordo when the shot module is loaded. That’s right, hablo un poquito Español tambien, perro no estoy mucho bueno.

Ticket #2006: Scale settings doesnt close after OK

Now it does.

Ticket #2005: Either pager or shelf temporary coruption

Shelf config is now more pedantic about hiding the shelf and unpopulating the swallowed gadcon when config changes.

Ticket #2023: Always selected Inset layout on shelves


Ticket #2025: Pressed F5 in EFL, Crash

Another one bites the dust.

Ticket #2026: EFM Crash on Display settings change.

Getting tired of these…

Ticket #2022: EFM favorites doesn’t display on pathbar all the folder path

Probably a remnant of the last time I was fixing the toolbar code.

Ticket #2024: EFM cannot distinguish between files and directories with the same name

No longer can a man rename his files into other directories. A sad day for us all.

Ticket #2030: EFM Toolbar Settings

Toolbar position now saved based on last window closed.


Other Improvements Today:

  • Notifications are now slightly more attention-grabbing when compositing is enabled
  • Locales without a region component are now correctly detected and applied
  • .desktop files pointing to directories are now navigable by EFM main view (not sidebar)
  • Navigate menu no longer has failure-prone “show files” option


About e-releasemanager

I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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5 Responses to While (Echievements++) Productivity–;

  1. the abusive bug reporter says:

    Hmmmm are you sure the drag and drop to a flashdrive works??

    Because when i drag folder on the icon on the desktop nothing happens and when i drag it on the favorites it just ads the directory to the favorites.

  2. Nick says:

    Do you think you could take a look at ticket #1971? I accidently filed it under terminology but it’s really more of an E bug.

  3. Rocker says:

    I think the release date should be delayed some. I mean, it would be a shame if e17 got released and people found out that their application’s menus disappeared after a few hours, a popular app like Chromium didn’t behave properly thanks to composite. A core part like Everything launcher got stuck often, etc. It would only bring bad repute to e17. I can wait some days more if it means we get a completely bug-free e17. Maybe the release two days later should be a RC until outstanding bugs are fixed. Just a suggestion.

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