The Day Before

Ticket #2035: Tiling Module Config crashes with multiple screens

Ticket #2050: SIGABRT when attempting to unload the Tiling module

Boris Faure, Lord and Master of Tiling, has seen fit to grant this fix to his loyal subjects, and we thank him for gracing us with his time.

Ticket #2011: e17: keyboard is always in english

Apparently gnome-settings-daemon changes keyboard layout and screen resolution. So this is now disabled by default.

Ticket #2007: Alt+Tab menu ocasionaly stays

I’m moderately confident that this is now fixed after being a rare annoyance for many years.

Ticket #2055: “Scale relative to screen DPI” disables itself and does the opposite of what it should do

I guess this has been broken for a while since I haven’t worked on it.


Other Improvements Today:

  • Winlist now functions more expectedly when activated from a mouse binding
  • Winlist no longer usable with ACPI/Signal/Edge bindings
  • Fixed tremendously annoying bug which would terminate pointer warping prematurely
  • Also fixed bugs with sloppy focus related to pointer warping conditions
  • Filemanager windows now have a non-hilarious min size
  • Internal dialogs now remember their maximization state so they can reopen with the same size/position


About e-releasemanager

I'm employed by a top 5 electronics company. My current task is preparing Enlightenment releases.
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  1. That’s the AZTEC calendar, not the mayan one. FAIL!

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