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Moving On

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E17 Status: RELEASED

I have nothing more to say.

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Approaching Zero Hour

Avid readers of the commits list will have noticed an impressive number of commits rolling in from Hannes Janetzek, author of the Everything launcher who is currently in absentia working on his doctorate, and Massimo Maiurana, captain of the translation … Continue reading

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The Day Before

Ticket #2035: Tiling Module Config crashes with multiple screens Ticket #2050: SIGABRT when attempting to unload the Tiling module Boris Faure, Lord and Master of Tiling, has seen fit to grant this fix to his loyal subjects, and we thank him … Continue reading

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Ticket #2048: WBOD when changing shelf config A lot of things about changing shelf config are still not ideal, but at least now it’s less likely to crash. Ticket #2049: SIGABRT when changing Language settings dialog from Advanced to Basic Uninitialized variables … Continue reading

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While (Echievements++) Productivity–;

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s Release Day! Today’s release is OMEGA 12, also known as the E17 release candidate. It contains a number of bug fixes, and I highly recommend it.   In addition, I have a special treat for … Continue reading

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The End Is Near

Sooo I wrote up part of this on Friday and then forgot to post it. Whoops. Double post today! Then again, since I spent the entire day working on a single issue it’s not actually any longer than usual.   … Continue reading

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Systematic B0rking

Not a lot to report today except that I fixed a lot of small leaks and crashes. A lot.

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You Wouldn’t Like E When It’s Angry

Ticket #1981: Make wallpaper preview respect aspect ratio of image. There’s this super cool container widget in E17 called the aspect widget. It automatically resizes things to keep their aspect ratio. Ticket #1980: EFM & Navigate… flashdrives woes. Sometimes, Frenchmen forget to … Continue reading

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New E17 release: The Hulk   Ticket #1961: windows dissapear when moving them There was a man. He tried to fix yet another bug with autohiding shelves. He broke mouse move events. It caused problems. Ticket #1957: Minor default theme bug … Continue reading

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