Moving On

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E17 Status: RELEASED

I have nothing more to say.

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Approaching Zero Hour

Avid readers of the commits list will have noticed an impressive number of commits rolling in from Hannes Janetzek, author of the Everything launcher who is currently in absentia working on his doctorate, and Massimo Maiurana, captain of the translation team who probably eats bricks of bran for breakfast to complement his usual stellar performance in getting changes pushed from the internationalization team. They’ve both been putting in a lot more hours than usual lately to ensure that things got polished up in time for release, and it shows with the last-minute bug fixes and translation updates.


Ticket #2061: [efm] file icons vanish when doing DND-menu operations

I think this is the last place that the icon disappearing bug could occur.

Ticket #2063: Application Theme – GTK2 Themes some don’t update

I guess gtk apps send special client messages to signal icon/theme reloads; now we do too.


Other Improvements Today:

  • Fewer leaking strings
  • Systray does layouts better when middle icons are removed







E17 release is on schedule, watch for the next post.

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The Day Before

Ticket #2035: Tiling Module Config crashes with multiple screens

Ticket #2050: SIGABRT when attempting to unload the Tiling module

Boris Faure, Lord and Master of Tiling, has seen fit to grant this fix to his loyal subjects, and we thank him for gracing us with his time.

Ticket #2011: e17: keyboard is always in english

Apparently gnome-settings-daemon changes keyboard layout and screen resolution. So this is now disabled by default.

Ticket #2007: Alt+Tab menu ocasionaly stays

I’m moderately confident that this is now fixed after being a rare annoyance for many years.

Ticket #2055: “Scale relative to screen DPI” disables itself and does the opposite of what it should do

I guess this has been broken for a while since I haven’t worked on it.


Other Improvements Today:

  • Winlist now functions more expectedly when activated from a mouse binding
  • Winlist no longer usable with ACPI/Signal/Edge bindings
  • Fixed tremendously annoying bug which would terminate pointer warping prematurely
  • Also fixed bugs with sloppy focus related to pointer warping conditions
  • Filemanager windows now have a non-hilarious min size
  • Internal dialogs now remember their maximization state so they can reopen with the same size/position


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Ticket #2048: WBOD when changing shelf config

A lot of things about changing shelf config are still not ideal, but at least now it’s less likely to crash.

Ticket #2049: SIGABRT when changing Language settings dialog from Advanced to Basic

Uninitialized variables are bad, mmk?

Ticket #2046: Wallpaper Module image bug

A bit of a confusing bug: why does the “Go up a directory” button exist? Joke’s on the people who use it, you can’t set jpg/gifs as your background anymore.

Ticket 2042: EFM – Set as Background

As suggested, “Set As Background” action now sets default wallpaper for all desks, not just current.

Ticket #2043: Emodule – Wallpaper

For whatever reason, the e_scrollframe widget has its own key grabs and does its own scrolling with arrow keys. Confusing as hell.

Ticket #2044: EFM goes to home upon focus.

Damn that toolbar and its constant stream of bugs!

Ticket #2051: Autohide -> Show on mouse click doesn’t work

The only thing producing more bugs than the EFM toolbar is shelf autohiding. I’m fairly certain that it’s the only thing which takes up more of my time than DND.

Ticket #1914: Enlightenment leaves lots of open fds for processes it starts

This is finally fixed for the 1.7 branch.


Other Improvements Today:

  • Quickaccess “hide instead of raise” option works again
  • Filemanager border icons are now present more frequently
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While (Echievements++) Productivity–;

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s Release Day! Today’s release is OMEGA 12, also known as the E17 release candidate. It contains a number of bug fixes, and I highly recommend it.


In addition, I have a special treat for all the readers out there. For the first time ever, an external module for E17 has been released! Yes, friends, it’s true. Today marks the first release (v1) of Echievements: achievements for E17. That’s right, it’s something completely useless aside from testing the recently released Etrophy library. It does track and notify you of your achievements in real-time, however, which I think is pretty neat.

Download it here.



Ticket #2003: E_Config bug [invalid profile creation – user]

Sometimes, using a GUI is too difficult. In these cases, you either know what you’re doing or you get the abort().

Ticket #2009: everything stays unclosable

Possibly the most infuriating bug ever filed.

Ticket #2014: refresh button in efm does not function

Now it does.

Ticket #2013: Spanish translation

Those of you who lean en Español will see that their main menus are substantially less gordo when the shot module is loaded. That’s right, hablo un poquito Español tambien, perro no estoy mucho bueno.

Ticket #2006: Scale settings doesnt close after OK

Now it does.

Ticket #2005: Either pager or shelf temporary coruption

Shelf config is now more pedantic about hiding the shelf and unpopulating the swallowed gadcon when config changes.

Ticket #2023: Always selected Inset layout on shelves


Ticket #2025: Pressed F5 in EFL, Crash

Another one bites the dust.

Ticket #2026: EFM Crash on Display settings change.

Getting tired of these…

Ticket #2022: EFM favorites doesn’t display on pathbar all the folder path

Probably a remnant of the last time I was fixing the toolbar code.

Ticket #2024: EFM cannot distinguish between files and directories with the same name

No longer can a man rename his files into other directories. A sad day for us all.

Ticket #2030: EFM Toolbar Settings

Toolbar position now saved based on last window closed.


Other Improvements Today:

  • Notifications are now slightly more attention-grabbing when compositing is enabled
  • Locales without a region component are now correctly detected and applied
  • .desktop files pointing to directories are now navigable by EFM main view (not sidebar)
  • Navigate menu no longer has failure-prone “show files” option


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The End Is Near

Sooo I wrote up part of this on Friday and then forgot to post it. Whoops. Double post today! Then again, since I spent the entire day working on a single issue it’s not actually any longer than usual.


Ticket #1975: Yet another DND bug.

Fileman used to refresh the current directory when ending a DND operation; this was a workaround for a bug (which is now fixed) where icons would sometimes fail to reappear after the drag. Now we just let the file monitors handle the updating.

Ticket #1994: “Slider pointer to a new focused window” broken with keybinding.

Focus setting on windows is one of the most confusing things in all of E17. Pointer warping is slightly more confusing.

Ticket #1985: Add confirmation to the Screenshot share option.

There are no words to describe how dumb I think this is.

Ticket #2000: CD drive navigate broken.

I guess over the years nobody noticed that you couldn’t drag files onto the icon of a removable device regardless of its mount state. Such as it was, today I discovered that this was a project which would take me 6 hours to safely implement. Fuck DND.



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Systematic B0rking

Not a lot to report today except that I fixed a lot of small leaks and crashes. A lot.

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You Wouldn’t Like E When It’s Angry

Ticket #1981: Make wallpaper preview respect aspect ratio of image.

There’s this super cool container widget in E17 called the aspect widget. It automatically resizes things to keep their aspect ratio.

Ticket #1980: EFM & Navigate… flashdrives woes.

Sometimes, Frenchmen forget to put NULL checks in their libraries.

Ticket #1976: Brightness-gadget/bulb should be “on” on startup, but it’s “off”.

I recently added an event for backlight level updates for another project, and now I have the joy of using it to fix a bug.

Ticket #1683: EFM blocks completely when listing large directories

The heavy artillery was called in for this one, and with raster’s help we are now able to load large directories in slightly less time than it takes to write a filemanager from scratch.


Other Improvements Today:

  • EFM now performs inline renames when creating new directories
  • Xmodmap settings no longer lost on kbd layout change
  • Choosing not to overwrite a file no longer results in the file’s icon disappearing
  • Changing shelf orientation from the shelf menu no longer causes errors or shelf duplication
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New E17 release: The Hulk


Ticket #1961: windows dissapear when moving them

There was a man. He tried to fix yet another bug with autohiding shelves. He broke mouse move events. It caused problems.

Ticket #1957: Minor default theme bug

Submenus now set layouts correctly and avoid running into the arrow at the end.


Other Improvements Today:

  • Notifications received during desklock no longer do anything
  • Unloading gadman no longer causes a crash
  • Loading gadman after init now loads gadgets
  • EFM no longer intercepts “enlightenment/border” or “enlightenment/desktop” events (fixes DND with pager on desktop)
  • Systray now provides a helpful error dialog to inform the user that it will be ugly with invisible shelves
  • Some potentially troublesome options removed from advanced composite settings
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