Systematic B0rking

Not a lot to report today except that I fixed a lot of small leaks and crashes. A lot.

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You Wouldn’t Like E When It’s Angry

Ticket #1981: Make wallpaper preview respect aspect ratio of image.

There’s this super cool container widget in E17 called the aspect widget. It automatically resizes things to keep their aspect ratio.

Ticket #1980: EFM & Navigate… flashdrives woes.

Sometimes, Frenchmen forget to put NULL checks in their libraries.

Ticket #1976: Brightness-gadget/bulb should be “on” on startup, but it’s “off”.

I recently added an event for backlight level updates for another project, and now I have the joy of using it to fix a bug.

Ticket #1683: EFM blocks completely when listing large directories

The heavy artillery was called in for this one, and with raster’s help we are now able to load large directories in slightly less time than it takes to write a filemanager from scratch.


Other Improvements Today:

  • EFM now performs inline renames when creating new directories
  • Xmodmap settings no longer lost on kbd layout change
  • Choosing not to overwrite a file no longer results in the file’s icon disappearing
  • Changing shelf orientation from the shelf menu no longer causes errors or shelf duplication
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New E17 release: The Hulk


Ticket #1961: windows dissapear when moving them

There was a man. He tried to fix yet another bug with autohiding shelves. He broke mouse move events. It caused problems.

Ticket #1957: Minor default theme bug

Submenus now set layouts correctly and avoid running into the arrow at the end.


Other Improvements Today:

  • Notifications received during desklock no longer do anything
  • Unloading gadman no longer causes a crash
  • Loading gadman after init now loads gadgets
  • EFM no longer intercepts “enlightenment/border” or “enlightenment/desktop” events (fixes DND with pager on desktop)
  • Systray now provides a helpful error dialog to inform the user that it will be ugly with invisible shelves
  • Some potentially troublesome options removed from advanced composite settings
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503 Day

Ticket #1950: many settings windows are not resizable but should

We had some code which prevented maximize actions from working properly with dialogs which were resizable. This is now fixed.

Ticket #1954: Settings Panel scroll bars glitch

Ah, scrollframes, what would I do without the trivial bug reports about them? Probably have a lot more time to work on important bugs.

Ticket #1953: Make EFM refresh when DND

Drag source wasn’t getting shown again after DND in some cases.

Ticket #1956: Make the EFM toolbar not display deleted directories.


Ticket #1947: EFM New… >> File glitch

Now we write \n to the new file instead of “” to ensure no garbage.


Other Improvements Today:

  • Mixer no longer crashes on disconnect
  • Navigate menu no longer sometimes crashes when navigating repeatedly to directories with no listable contents
  • Systray icons autosize a bit better for themes which do not properly set min size
  • EFM no longer crashes when receiving an XDirectSave DND operation from another application
  • “hicolor” icon theme now correctly applied when no icon theme is selected
  • Fileselector for saving files should no longer change the entry text when changing directories
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Enlightenment Hero(es) of the Week(s) 3/3: Luis Felipe Strano Moraes (lfelipe)

The man, the myth, the famed artist, the manager of the EFL PPA, Luis Felipe; it’s entirely unnecessary to say anything more here because his name says it all if you speak his language. He’s worked hard at improving our release process, and even though we’re still not very professional about it since we went over 10 years without them, we’re getting there.

On that note, we’ve done a beta release of E17 as well as a new bugfix (1.7.3) release of the EFL today.

Ticket #1939: e17 doesn’t load ~/.Xmodmap (option enabled)

Previously these files were only loaded on first startup, but now we load them on restart as well.

Ticket #1940: Unmaximized window gets 1×1 pixel size.

This was the sign of a bigger bug where we were overwriting previously saved window sizes when fullscreening a previously-maximized window.

Ticket #1905: temperature module – unreadable default text

Sometimes a man makes his themes using the Hubble Telescope to read text, so it looks fine to him.

Ticket #1945: Make systray module icons scale.

I hate systray, but this was trivial enough that I spent a couple minutes on it.

Other Improvements Today:

  • Pulseaudio mixer should be even more reliable
  • Quickaccess now functions correctly (and doesn’t crash) for windows that don’t set ICCCM name/class, such as vkbds.
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Enlightenment Hero(es) of the Week(s) 2/3: Jérémy Zurcher

Making his first appearance to the glorious EHotW awards, Mr. Zurcher is a relative newcomer to the EFL who has submitted a number of interesting patches. I’ll admit that I don’t know much about him aside from his continuing Frenchiness and interesting patches, but given our strong French community support and b0rker team members I think that’s enough.

A number of weeks ago, a certain unnamed developer whose name starts with “g” and ends with “lima” committed some changes to Eina in trunk which ended up breaking config loading in E17. While nearly everyone, including a certain shameless Brazillian b0rker whose staggering Chavez-ness I shall not begin to mention, was blaming me for the deletion of their configs, Mr. Zurcher had already discovered and submitted a fix for the bug. For saving the day and rescuing me from a deluge of angry users and developers alike, Mr. Zurcher definitely deserves the accolades and recognition that this EHotW award confers.

Currently, Mr. Zurcher has been working on some methods to speed up stringshare. While not quite ready for mainline yet, his patches and benchmarks show promise, and I look forward to continuing improvements from this French fixer.



Ticket #1917: Dragging file from EFM onto text editor makes it disappear (not from disk)

It’s hard to track DND events which don’t occur, so now we just show icons again on a short timer.

Ticket #1929: Right click on directory navigate behavior.

Slight improvements here, now the “Current Directory” item is first and shows directory contents when clicking an icon.

Ticket #1884: shelf does not always autohide

Apparently some toolkits, which shall remain nameless despite being the two most popular toolkits for Linux which start with ‘g’ and ‘q’, respectively, block mouse movement reporting. Well done guys. Way to be team players.

Ticket #1935: E17 resize Border with fixed ratio [mplayer]

Tricky bug since I never even knew this existed. This probably affected resizing of all windows with an aspect ratio set, so I guess there will be others who will notice.


Other Improvements Today:

  • evdev keyboard model is now listed in xkb settings
  • Theme dialog no longer throws a useless error message when e/desktop/background group is missing
  • Pointer slide now once again sets focus
  • Various config dialogs are once again resizable; all config dialogs have been size tested
  • Shelf autohiding with multiple monitors has been improved
  • Dark theme is no longer broken with regard to dragging windows on the pager
  • Dark theme pager also no longer broken on desktop
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Enlightenment Hero(es) of the Week(s) 1/3: Lucas De Marchi (demarchi)

This man needs no introduction, but I’m going to write him one anyway since I need to fill some space.

Lucas De Marchi. Introduction. Here we go. Right after this. First I’ll talk about his somewhat heroism award which he won for the second time. Then I’ll mention that this is his third win of the most prestigious award. After that I’ll tell people what he did to earn this one and why he should consider getting a trophy rack for his wall. Lastly I’ll speculate on his future plans. Annny second now. It’s going to happen.


Lucas De Marchi, the first person to ever win THREE EHotW awards. Coming off the laurels of his previous win only three months ago in September, he’s been hard at work, but not this week in particular since he’s on vacation. He’s back on the award reels though, and he would have gotten this award sooner except that I was busy being sick and busy. That’s right, busy being busy. So now he’s getting an award when he’s not even doing anything.

With international EFL superhero Bruno Dilly nowhere to be found after his most recent sighting climbing the north face of K2 wearing a Hawaiian t-shirt and shorts with only an N9 running E17, Mr. De Marchi has gone it alone on this one. His accomplishment? Rewriting the entire E17 build tree to build the entire thing in only a fraction of the time. Now this is something that many users will probably never see, using packaged versions and such, but for developers like me, this will literally save me hours of time.

It was no easy task, but Mr. De Marchi struggled endlessly towards his goal. There were build failures aplenty, complaints aplentier, and corner cases aplentiest. At one point, all his work was completely reverted due to a user error. Regardless, Mr. De Marchi could not be stopped on his mission to improve build times for users and developers everywhere, and so it is that we have this glorious new build system which takes only a fraction of the time.

Given his long history of and continued involvement with Enlightenment, not to mention his numerous EHotW awards and currently inflating ego, I can’t begin to imagine where Mr. De Marchi may end up next; all I can do is count the days until he wins his next EHotW award, since he’s proven that he has what it takes to repeat his incredible improvements time and again.

As part of a new rule for EHotW that I just thought up, I’ll be awarding Mr. De Marchi the customary bonus award for three EHotW awards:

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